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Contact Management and Virtual Office for Network Marketing Professionals

Amazing Features

Hilo offers Incredible features to manage the your business.

Contact Management

Not just contact cards anymore! Get an advanced look at your history with your contacts. Track your interactions – emails, meetings, tasks, products they’ve purchased, and more.


See where your prospects are in your funnel. A visual tool to show you where your business is at a glance. Use this tool to more efficiently move prospects through your pipeline and bring them to a close!

Goal Setting

Taking steps is one thing, taking calculated steps toward a specific goal is how businesses achieve monumental growth. In Hilo we walk you through the process of identifying your goals and associating the actions needed to achieve them.


Manage your MLM business from a single screen. No more flipping through multiple pages to get to your action items for the day. See your goals and celebrate your achievements right in your home screen. Plan your week or let us plan it for you!

Motivational Tools

Prominently display “Your Why”, upload photos and quotes that inspire you. We’ve incorporated the tips and tricks taught by master motivational life coaches to help you produce more and grow your business!


Schedule and manage your tasks, events, meetings, and interactions with your prospects and clients. Tag your clients in the event and it will show up in their history.

Why Hilo?

Chances are you started a Network Marketing business because of the opportunity and flexibility it provides. But efficiency is key if you are to ensure that you make the most of this opportunity, while not cutting into the work/life balance that is so important to us all.
Being an entrepreneur is hard. But building an empire with no support can be downright daunting. We’re here to take the guesswork out of your day. Organize your reach outs, follow ups, and history so you can concentrate on what’s really important – growing your business!
Think of Hilo as the assistant who prompts you through your day and your week to keep your business moving forward.


Take a look at our screens

Who is Hilo?

We are network marketing professionals who searched far and wide for a system that would help us work smarter, not harder. We tried every CRM on the market and couldn’t find one that fit the needs of the MLM entrepreneur. MLM is not a traditional sales model, so naturally it doesn’t need a traditional sales tool. Excel spreadsheets are clunky and don’t get the job done, and with so much of the business being conducted on the go we found a recipe box to not be portable or dynamic enough to suit us.

We’re just like you. We believe that Direct Selling is the business of the future, and we think it deserves a management tool worthy of that destiny! So when we couldn’t find it, we decided to build it!

We wanted to make tracking your resources an automatic process. And because we are actively working this business, we understand the importance of self-motivation and goal setting so we built in inspirational tools to keep you pushing forward with purpose.


We all know that the biggest challenge with this business is getting and staying motivated. That’s why we knew we couldn’t build a system that only focused on organizing activities. We needed a system that would help you set goals and determine the actions that will help you achieve those goals.
Network Marketing speaks to the entrepreneurial dreamer in all of us. The business that can help us reach our financial goals, yet allow us to continue to pursue our passions – whether that passion is spending time with our kids, becoming a great artist, or travelling the world. As much as we want these things, we all need to be reminded WHY we are doing this, and we need a plan to get to where we’re headed.
That’s why we’ve incorporated goal setting, visualization, inspirational tools, and more into Hilo. Hilo is your coach, your cheerleader, and devoted assistant all rolled into one.

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